Sarty Mountain

Valda Sarty opened her first business, Crescent Street Station, in Wenatchee in 1997. Realizing at infancy that systems and technology were key ingredients to success, she installed a multi-user appointment, client management, marketing, reporting and point-of-sale system, coupled with business performance monitoring systems, which provides Sarty Mountain, Inc. a lead and reputation within the spa industry that has been recognized regionally, nationally and internationally.
In 1999, she implemented Team-Based Management Systems. This highly effective business system replaced the traditional independent contractor, booth-renter, and commission-based management and compensation models. Technicians and staff members receive salary pay, medical benefits, paid vacation, company supplied education, and the opportunity to travel.
Sarty Mountain, Inc. was born in the year 2000. In 2001, Crescent Street Station Salon became Elements Salon & Wellness Spa, followed by Refuel Spa in 2004 and Elements University in early 2005.
Over the years, Sarty Mountain, Inc has successfully leveraged technology and the team-based management system to reach new heights in the beauty and wellness industry. Elements Salon & Wellness Spa, Refuel Spa and Elements University were built around a mission to create a strong business culture, long-term, lucrative careers for it’s team members and to raise the perception of the salon and spa industry.